Doctors in Houma


Lions and Doctors in Houma

Doctors in Houma make up no small list of doctors. In fact, Google list 220 doctors in Houma.  Not all entries on the list are a physical doctor, some entries are medical facilities containing a group of doctors. Did you know the large list of doctors could be compared to a pride of lions?

Doctors in Houma are like A Pride of Doctors

They are just like a pride of lions, who are not known for their modesty, yet are aggressive, adventurous, and brave. Many are like Kings in the hospital field while others are Kings and Queens of the grasslands. You often see surgeons roaming in the scrublands of Terrebonne and dieticians chopping up vegetation throughout the swamps. Some doctors in Houma lurk around our bayous drawing samples of the liquid while others measure the flow of the bayou. Evermore, you might find a group of cultured doctors growing samples taken from the bayous.

But, beware, not all physicians are cultured; as some, like the lion cub, make a diagnosis while chasing little ones howling in the marshes. Moreover, a group of doctors in Houma can make a diagnosis from what looks like ant tracks in the mud.

There are doctors in Houma grouped together by a unique set of skills like fixing the scars left from a lion attack or reattaching a limb torn from the body during a rumble through the savannah. In addition, you have a group of doctors in Houma treating the illnesses brought on by eating too many crawfish and let’s not forget the doctors who can help you see the lioness who is about to devour you, because; you just stepped on her tail.

Doctors in Houma Operate like a Pride

Family Medicine

Although many doctors in Houma, join other Prides a few both males and females venture out to start their own. For instance, Family Medicine a general practice of medicine that cares for both children and adults. A family medicine physician addresses general health concerns and tracks the comprehensive health of returning patients. Family medicine doctors treat a range of conditions, including coughs, colds and high blood pressure. But they also help manage chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis as well as, acute situations such as sinus infections and injuries. Physicians within this field are also referred to as family doctors or family physicians.

Doctors who choose to specialize in family medicine complete standard medical training; which, includes undergraduate, medical school and a minimum of three years in a specialized family medicine residency program.

A family medicine doctor can further specialize in several subspecialties within the field of family medicine. An example would be, “Geriatric Medicine”, monitoring the general health of older adults. Sports Medicine could be another subspecialty, which helps prevent, diagnose and treat sports-related injuries.

Internal Medicine

Another specialty that doctors in Houma have chosen is Internal Medicine. What’s the difference you may ask? Basically, it’s the types of patients they treat that separates the two areas of medicine. “Internal medicine focuses exclusively on adult medicine, while family medicine typically sees all the members of a family. However, like the family medicine doctor, internal medicine physicians can also have subspecialties. An example would be a “Cardiologist”.

At least three of their seven or more years of medical school and postgraduate training are dedicated to learning how to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that affect adults. Because of their extensive training, they are often called upon to act as consultants to other physicians to help solve puzzling diagnostic problems. Moreover, their focused training allows them to manage very complex medical issues and, in many cases, perform advanced clinical procedures. Additionally, their specialized training enables them to solve puzzling diagnostic problems and manage severe chronic illnesses including situations where several different illnesses may strike at the same time. In the case of a specialty like the Cardiologist, one to three years of additional training would be required.

You will often hear a doctor of internal medicine called an Internists not to be confused by the term “Intern”. Dr. Wade of Preferred Health and Wellness is an Internist and the leader of his Pride.

As you can see, the medical specialties are as varied as the number of doctors themselves. Like the big cats, they are a social group frequently making referrals among their big family. They cooperatively hunt for the cause of a disease and, like prey, when discovered, they ponce on it like a hungry lioness feeding her cubs. Yes, we can be thankful we have such a loving family of doctors in Houma. Wouldn’t you agree?


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