Down syndrome


Down syndrome is a condition in which a child is born with an extra copy of chromosome 21, leading to slow physical and mental development. In the United States. It affects one of every 691 babies. Children with Down syndrome are more likely to be  born to women younger than 35 years old because younger women have more children. However, the likelihood of having a child with Down syndrome increases with the age of the mother, especially after age 35 It is not known what cause the condition and it is incurable.

Down syndrome affects people in many ways, most have a variety of birth defects. About half are born with a heart defect. In addition to the medical conditions, delayed development and behavioral problems are often reported in children with Down syndrome. Their speech develops slower than other children and they may have a hard time maintaining focus. Additionally, they may exhibit obsessive/compulsive behavior, and stubbornness or tantrums. Later in life, around age 50 their thinking ability begins to decline. About half of those affected with Down syndrome will develop Alzheimer disease and earlier than other adults.

With early intervention and good medical care, the average life span is around age 55. With proper intervention, many are able to live independently.

Is there hope in Down Syndrome?

Let this story put a smile in your heart.

My uncle has Down syndrome and just turned 50. He married his childhood sweetheart 10 or 12 years ago, a woman with Down syndrome as well. They have the best relationship of anyone I’ve ever seen. They are always there for each other and purely love each other. They really do put everyone to shame how they can just understand each other and make up, even when they have disagreements. However, my grandmother still has to take care of my uncle since he’ll never be able to take care of himself. It’s hard when they realize they can’t do certain things like other people. Actually, I think they were the first Down syndrome people in our state to get married. They fall in love like anyone else. (


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